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Do you want to make your customer relations transparent and more valuable in order to exploit additional potentials without disregarding regulatory requirements? With SAP Customer Data Cloud, you discover hidden customer wishes whilst at the same time strengthening your customer relations through trust and transparency. SAP Customer Data Cloud also allows you to transform anonymous visitors into loyal customers and construct a seamless Customer Experience across devices, brands and channels.

SAP customer data cloud in Dubai offers you.

  • Seamless cross-channel and cross-device access
  • Permissions-based creation of user registration data
  • Conversion of anonymous users to known and loyal customer
  • Compliance with the guidelines of social networks and data protection regulations as well as available permissions history for audits
  • Preconfigured integrations for downstream applications from CRM, CMS or Marketing
  • Consistent customer profiles across system boundaries
  • Customer insights and analysis tools

Your added value - SAP CDC

  • Simplified registration and login
  • Cross-channel and cross-device Customer Experience
  • Compliance with the guidelines of social networks and data protection regulations
  • Unknown users become new customers
  • Strengthen customer retention through transparency and trust
  • Recognise undiscovered customer potential
  • Unified cross-channel and voluntary customer profile

Key Features of SAP Customer Data Cloud

New Customer Experience options

The voluntary, controlled transfer of customer information and the resulting customer profiles allow you to orient the Customer Experience individually and to discover new customer wishes.

Identify customers across channels and across devices

Use the Customer Data Cloud to discover interested parties and win them as new customers through the voluntary, controlled transfer of information and comprehensive reporting and analysis options.

Create trusting customer relationships based on transparency and control

In the SAP Customer Data Cloud, customers have full access to their profiles, preferences and permissions and can manage them. This means they keep full control over their data and always have full transparency regarding the use of this data.

Consistent compliance with regulations and provisions

Regional data protection provisions as well as the regulations of social networks and other Identity Providers are subject to a dynamic process and are constantly being adapted. With the SAP Customer Data Cloud, you ensure that they always implement the current regulations and thus avoid sanctions.

SAP Customer Data Cloud is a component of SAP Customer Experience and the ARCH CX Portfolio

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