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Through our global network of member firms, Arch Technologies is involved in every stage of the investment property and investment lifecycle, and offers experience in working with all levels of stakeholders throughout the real estate industry. Whether your focus is local, national, regional or global, we can provide you with the right mix of experience to support and enhance your needs and ambitions. Our knowledgeable real estate professionals focus on providing informed perspectives and clear solutions, drawing experience from a variety of backgrounds including accounting, tax, advisory, banking, regulation and corporate finance.

Our client focus, our commitment to excellence, our global mindset and consistent delivery build trusted relationships that are at the core of our business and reputation.

Arch technologies real estate & construction industry group and its member firm practices are recognized for bringing together teams with diverse experience and knowledge to provide customized solutions for clients across the full spectrum of the real estate community.

Highlighting nearly 600 innovations from all over the world and the companies driving them, the Overview considers real estate innovations that are transforming the sector’s landscape in the following nine distinct categories:

  • Digitizing processes is about transforming traditional processes so they can analyze more data and be accessible online and in real-time—while also making them more efficient and user friendly.
  • Flexible workspaces allow people to work “anywhere” and “anytime,” contributing to a transformation of real estate from a fixed asset into a flexible service.
  • Innovations in healthy workplace and living focus on optimizing internal working environments, from boosting air purity to optimizing employee satisfaction, health and productivity.
  • Innovative constructions include enhancements in design and construction materials and processes, such as 3D printing or wooden skyscrapers.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) innovations connect multiple devices, systems and/or buildings using online technology, allowing tenants and commercial property managers alike to control traditional in-house devices in an easy and centralized way.
  • New ways of funding aim to make financing less complicated, more accessible and/or to increase liquidity for both the demand and supply side.
  • Platforms to connect allow users new and more seamless ways to interact with stakeholders, increasing collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • Sustainable innovations focus on energy-savings, water-efficiency and the circular economy in order to boost sustainability, support regulatory requirements and reduce costs.
  • Virtual reality and 3D mapping replicates built environments using computer or drone technology, allowing users to create and/or experience normally physical spaces in a virtual environment.