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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (also known as SAP BRIM) is a high-volume usage-based solution, designed to ease
the complexities of billing and invoicing procedures.

Build new and innovative business models with Arch Technologies, the most reliable SAP BRIM implementation partner in Dubai

  • Pricing, billing and invoicing a wide variety of services and products Landscape
  • Introduce new products and services within a short period of time
  • Implementation of prepaid, postpaid and partner participation scenarios
  • State of the art integration with other SAP modules and integration of existing billing systems


With SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management), traditional billing has been replaced and revolutionized. BRIM enables your company to manage the billing process in a flexible, performant and to process higher transaction quantities without having to forego the integration of existing billing systems.


Function and Benefits

With SAP BRIM, the entire offer-to-cash business process can be mapped – from the preparation of quotations to the billing and evaluation of the services used, right through to invoicing and receivables management. At the same time, existing external systems for customer care, evaluation, billing and invoicing can be linked to the SAP BRIM landscape in order to harmonize the entire billing process.

The most important function of SAP BRIM is the mapping of usage-based or recurring price models for tailor-made offers and the possibility of real-time pricing.

SAP Solutions

Your advantages with SAP BRIM

  • Shorter time-to-market of products based on subscriptions and usage-based services or physical goods bundled with services
  • Flexible handling of revenue-sharing models
  • Realization of hybrid prepaid, postpaid and pay-as-you-go business models
  • Rule-based and intelligent automation of invoicing and accounting processes
  • Automated and efficient high volume processing of data
  • High transparency / traceability of the entire billing process chain – from usage events to invoicing
  • Reduction of operating costs through consolidated billing systems
  • Increase customer satisfaction by displaying costs, services and physical goods on a single invoice


SAP Subscription Order Management

Design new offers register customers for services and bundles and target them to specific offers in order to increase sales per customer and increase satisfaction.

  • Capture and monitor subscription orders to ensure delivery and billing accuracy
  • Address contract changes, renewals, extensions, and billing cycles automatically
  • Manage master agreements, including invoicing hierarchies, specialised catalogs, and shared credit


This module allows the mapping of all financial accounting processes. Accounts receivable, accounts payable and asset accounting represent sub-ledgers of the general ledger accounting.


Manage your sales with highly automated receivables management processes, from state-of-the-art payment processing to individual debt collection.


Simplify and standardize cross-system usage data for charging and pricing in real time or in batch processing


Create new price and tariff models quickly and easily to monetize your products and services.


Offer customers a single, simple and convergent invoice for all products and services (including third-party billing streams).