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IP Planning & Design

Boost Performance and Power: Unleashing Potential Through PC Upgrades

Is Your PC/Mac feeling Sluggish in Performance or Hard Disk Space Limitations? Upgrade and Speed Up Your Current Computer Now. It may not always be necessary to buy an entirely new PC or laptop; more often it would be more cost effective to invest in upgrading with faster SSD hard drive or RAM memory upgrades instead. To meet growing disk space demands from numerous files or new programs, additional hard disks may also need to be added as required – upgrading hard disk and RAM memory can make your computer faster while providing access to current software or games!

Strategic Outsourcing Solutions: Elevating Your Business with Professional Specialists

Professional Outsourcing Service is an on-demand specialized service offering flexible access to highly trained resources at our facilities or your own site. These resources are certified professionals in their domain of expertise with full access to our technical knowledge base.

This model provides the ideal way to meet special or seasonal project requirements without adding permanent staff.

Some notable benefits are:

  1. Professional, qualified personnel to meet your exact specifications.
  2. Faster identification and onboarding of resources.
  3. Flexibility to swap, add or remove resources based on project needs.
  4. Gain access to an expansive technical knowledge bank, quality processes and delivery frameworks.
  5. Reduce costs and speed time-to-market.

Secure Your Data with Cutting-Edge Backup Managed Services


Our Managed Backup service can help safeguard and mitigate against data loss incurred through human or accidental errors such as file deletion. Accidental losses of information could occur either through data corruption or hardware failure.

Implementing something will:

  • Minimise risks to operations, and in turn prevent loss of revenues.
  • Gain confidence knowing you are safeguarding the business with every action taken towards its protection.

Securing Connectivity: Managing Network and Firewall Services

Maintaining Your Network Security

Our team can assist in taking control of your network security from increased efficacy by revising security policies to eliminate gaps, to advanced firewall configuration and network monitoring services – whatever is necessary.


As part of our managed security services, our engineers actively monitor your firewall and overall security – 24/7/365.


As new threats emerge, our Firewall Tuning services ensure your network stays protected and up-to-date.


Our Patch Management service ensures your firewalls remain up-to-date and secure by overseeing patch rollouts to minimize disruption and downtime.



Our team can manage every aspect of your firewall installation or upgrade – such as:

  • Support – Configuration and implementation support
  • Monitoring – Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats
  • Troubleshooting – Resolution of connectivity issues and broken applications
  • Updates – Device management and upgrades
  • Reporting – Weekly firewall activity reports

Streamlining Operations: Harnessing the Power of Storage Managed Services

Safeguard, Store, and Manage Your Data Securely with a Trusted Partner.

Regardless of your business type, dependable storage, data protection, and recovery solutions are essential. Modern block and file storage technologies, along with various data protection features can be complex, so our Managed Storage Services turn our engineers into your storage administrators so that your staff can focus on strategic initiatives instead. Our team delivers expertise while giving you full control over your data.

Our management and support service team brings years of enterprise storage expertise, quickly diagnosing any problems or providing effective solutions, while Arch Technologies monitoring provides visibility as to what’s happening within your environment.

Our 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) ensures storage availability, timely provisioning and performance. Our expertise covers every phase of storage operation including monitoring and provisioning to trending, forecasting, troubleshooting and performance tuning.

Our vendor-neutral specialists boast over 250 technical certifications across leading storage technologies.

Partnering with Arch Technologies allows your organization to leverage our team of storage engineers who are experienced with all the latest technologies, adept at handling any challenges, and ready to meet all your storage needs. Our proven methodology and tools ensure agility, performance, and peace-of-mind that storage will always be available and provide optimal performance.

Service Compenents:

Managed Storage Service Offerings:

  • Service delivered remotely from Network Operations Center (NOC). Hybrid solutions available for on-site administration 24×7, with enhanced incident management and vendor call management.
  • Full Lifecycle Management of Incidents on Customer’s Behalf, including Bulletin Monitoring and Action on Service Bulletins, Configuration and Change Management, Tuning of Performance, and Staff Trending & Forecast Reporting.
  • Capacity planning to support budgeting and acquisition efforts; Storage Provisioning to address FC SAN cabling, zoning, and administration needs.


Service Account Management Offerings:

  • Set priorities and manage all aspects of service delivery, hold weekly service status meetings, and generate weekly status reports. Provide employees with knowledge transfer on new technologies, plan PTO coverage, holidays, and staff changes.

We Take Care of Management – You Stay in Control

Our team of highly-skilled engineers, senior administrators, and storage technicians bring years of experience in designing storage solutions, troubleshooting issues, supporting technology from top vendors. We serve as your remote storage administrators to:

  • Monitor the health and performance of your infrastructure
  • Manage storage requests and day-to-day administration
  • Handle incidents
  • Execute provisioning
  • Data Availability

Effortless Efficiency: Streamlining Operations with OS Managed Services

Introducing Managed Operating System Services and Managed Services Anywhere, that will allow you to maximize the potential of your deployment.

Managed Services Anywhere, our engineers will take on routine administrative tasks for you, from applying patches and updating servers with anti-virus tools, to complying with corporate access policies – we take care of it all! Plus, virtual machines will benefit from 24×7 monitoring by our expert, certified managed services team.

Operating Systems Supported by Managed Services Anywhere:

  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server
  • Managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu Linux

Securing Critical Infrastructure: Comprehensive OT Security Services

Arch Technologies is the preferred vendor of choice for Managed Security Service (MSS) and Managed Detection Response (MDR) providers seeking multitenant IoT security solutions with enhanced visibility.

Our technology features an adaptable and scalable architecture, seamlessly integrating into both IT and OT environments for maximum efficiency in optimizing industrial control networks for managed security providers.

Efficient Cloud Control: Unleashing the Power of Hypervisor Managed Services

Virtualization software unifies all the computing resources of your servers into virtual machines for improved performance, reliability, and operational flexibility. By configuring and segregating physical infrastructures to create multiple dedicated resources, virtualizing your computing environment and network yields many benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced backup and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Improved testing environments
  • Streamlined migration to the cloud